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Finnair Brand Identity Refresh





The iconic Nordic airline Finnair has worked with SEK since 1935. One of the world’s oldest continuously operating airlines and the Finnish flag carrier Finnair strategically repositioned itself as a modern premium airline. Following the new brand direction Finnair wanted to refresh their brand identity.

Our design process was directed by Finnair’s design drivers, functionality, optimism and timeless quality. Transforming the iconic, but somewhat outdated, distant and neutral brand, we brought warmth, inclusiveness and modernness to the new identity. The future-proof Finnair brand excels in digital spaces and leaves a lasting impression from your first click all the way to your experience in the aircraft cabin.

The Blue line concept

We built Finnair’s brand identity based on a 9-element design system. At the heart of the design concept is a blue line that lives and transforms into typography, illustrations, icons, imagery, tonality and the soundscape.


Finnish Sans is a digitally optimised, functional typeface built on the idea of a journey. Rounded letter shapes and aerodynamic curves give Finnair Sans an uplifting sense of optimism. Our typography minimises friction.


Stunningly simple, modern and trustworthy, our Finnish soul is celebrated in the iconic blue and white colours of Finnair. This pair is complimented with a selection of distinctive colours inspired by the Nordic landscape.


Finnair iconography is clear and inclusive, from the first click all the way to the aircraft cabin experience. The icon visual language is based on the Finnair Sans typeface, following its fluid movement and shapes.


Carefully stylised, functional and simple, the illustration style strongly reflects Finnair’s brand character. Illustrations are formed using a forward-moving blue line paired with a minimalistic color palette. The characters are designed to interact with relaxed expressions and smiling faces, looking friendly and polite.


The refreshed Finnair imagery uses light, space and optimism to capture the wonder of travel and Finnair’s passion for sustainability. Both the art direction and the photography reflect the brand’s optimistic, curious approach and sky-high standards of quality.

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