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Capturing the renewed Finnair flight experience




Brand Imagery
Visuaalinen identiteetti

The launch of the renewed long-haul flight experience was the first manifestation of Finnair’s refreshed brand identity. To help support the launch, SEK designed and produced the new brand imagery and motion assets – fit for the new Modern Premium positioning.

The look and feel of the brand imagery was designed with subtle differences between the three travel classes: Dark and inviting for Business class, modern and smart for Premium Economy, and fresh and relatable for Economy class. The new imagery conveys the feeling of a smooth and relaxing journey, inviting customers to experience the wonder of travel with Finnair.

Business Class

Finnair Business Class offers a home-like travel experience with the entirely new AirLounge seat. The imagery reflects the joys of premium air travel and highlights all the wonderful details of the cabin design. Business class has a predominantly dark and blue appearance, which gives this class a unique, high-end visual look and feel.

Discover the AirLounge

To help travellers discover all the smart features of the innovative AirLounge seat, we developed a story-based user guide video. The video is a record of “a day in the life of a traveler”, from arrival to sleep.

Premium Economy

Premium Economy imagery showcases the all-new cabin type with more space and comfort for the traveller. With its cool, design magazine -style approach to product photography, the imagery appeals to the tastes of modern travellers. This class is identified by the use of medium blue, peppered with light pink touches from the Marimekko textiles.


The Economy class depicts Finnair’s modern and sustainable travel experience with relatable and fresh imagery. We created a complete set of product images, including new images of the A350 fleet. The new Economy colourway is grey, spiced up by the iconic Finnair blue and white.

Walkthrough Finnair A350 cabin

Take a tour of Finnair’s redesigned long-haul cabin. We planned a route across the aircraft, stopping to celebrate the wonderfully designed space, its features and details, and mood light scenarios. The uplifting music that captures the experience in sound was specifically created for Finnair.

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