What you do is the key, but today you also need to constantly tell the world about it.

In the end only proactive, sustainable and transparent organisations succeed. We help you to translate your strategy into powerful communication that builds trust and influence among our fellow humans.


  • Goals & KPI definition
  • Strategic communications 
  • Brand & employee advocacy
  • Coaching & training
  • Crisis communication
  • Marketing PR 
  • Media relations
  • Publications
  • Social marketing
  • Social media
  • Thought leadership

Below you will find some examples of our current focus areas

Communications capabilities

Annual & sustainability reporting should be used as a corporate marketing tool, reflecting the company brand, values & purpose. By combining market-leading creative, communications & digital expertise, we create reports that stand out, serve all stakeholders and last time.

People build brands, customer experience and reputation. Strong personal communication skills are crucial for both the employees and for the organizations they represent.  Our 360 degree communication training offering covers all key areas of effective personal branding: Messaging and argumentation, presentation skills, media and social media. On top of these we also love to coach both managers and employees in workplace communication, and enjoy working with the management, customer service and sales representatives who must count on their communication skills every day.

We have seen an explosion of digital content, on all screens, anywhere, and any time. Moreover, brands have become part of popular culture and produce more content than ever. Many wise men have said content to be "King", "First" and "Our basic need". 

Recently, we have seen the explosion of unexpected content forms. Micro-messages and social content make presidents and co-ordinate revolutions. Global social communities empower millions to spread viral messaging and teach essential skills to all of us via pieces of content. Is your model working towards your business goals? Let us help. We know how to build touching and matching content to your needs. And more significantly, let us help build a model which you can operate in this modern content explosion.

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Tommi Pelkonen


+358 40 505 0821

In today's world, everyone communicates. We believe that employee and brand advocacy are the key to strengthening your employer brand. Together with our clients, we build effective employer branding programs that engage both current and potential employees and bring a very valuable and authentic voice to your communications in both your own channels and social media.”

Social media – what is that? This question was hot 10 years ago. Social media has become an essential part of our modern lifestyle. Yet, social media strategy means much more than looking at the likes, shares and campaign conversion. It needs to come down to the core strategic rationale — why are we doing this. No brand or organisation should operate a social media channel which it cannot connect to its core business. Moreover, only channels that can be managed should be used.

At SEK, we help our clients find and formulate systematic models for social media and its ever-evolving landscape. What do you think – are your channels performing according to the plan you once made for them?

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Peter hortling


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Thought leaders participate and lead discussions in social media. Do you understand your position and engage in dialogue with opinion leaders relevant to your business? Social network analysis gives you valuable insight on the power dynamics of social media and helps you direct your communication efforts.