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The Knitted Coffee of Christmas Doers

Juhla Mokka

Christmas is about making it. This year, Juhla Mokka, the Finnish coffee brand for doers, creates a knitted campaign to celebrate making of Christmas.

Juhla Mokka coffee is wearing a knitwear on its packaging and outdoor ads, airing knitted animations as a TV commercials – and even real hand-knitted outdoor ads. The brand has joined forces with yarn manufacturer Novita to create a red Juhla Mokka wool yarn and a unique woolly sock knitting pattern for friends of the coffee brand.

The Christmas spirit often comes from the things you do and make before and at the Christmas. People love hand-made gifts, and snuggly Christmas gifts are as iconic as the festive Juhla Mokka packaging.

Juhla Mokka is the coffee for Christmas lovers this Christmas 2020, as it wears a knitted pattern on its outer packaging. The pattern on the packaging has been converted into an actual pattern for a unique pair of Juhla Mokka woolly socks in collaboration with the Finnish yarn manufacturer Novita. And to ensure that the colour of the socks is exactly right, a red Juhla Mokka Christmas yarn has been created – and knitters across Finland fell in love with it immediately.

Inspired by this collaboration, we also came up with an idea for wonderful hand-knitted outdoor ads, executed by Novita’s highly-skilled designers and knitters. Two outdoor advertising spaces in Helsinki city centre are now dressed in festive Juhla Mokka knitwear.

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