Sweet Suite - SEK

Sweet Suite

Valio Jäätelöfabriikki

The world’s most instagrammable ice cream experience

How to get millennial female’s attention with ice cream brand and find a way to fill social media influencers’ Instagram feeds?

Well, create an experience that is so sweet it’s impossible not to instagram. We combined two millennial trends: Staycation and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Then we designed a world’s most instagrammable ice cream hotel room, a dreamlike space dedicated entirely for enjoying and experiencing our new ice cream. A room so sweet you simply could not miss.

To boost the fear of missing out, we opened it only for limited 6 months time. Sweet Suite was fully booked in one day.

Lähimmät kumppanimme: INGO (Tukholma), UNCLE GREY (Kööpenhamina) ja TRY (Oslo)