Over the past few years, Vianor has systematically grown into an important player in the field of tyre sales and services. A strong competitive edge has been found from knowing their customers and their individual needs.


On the international market, the tyre business is polarized: global tyre brands use eight-figure sums in marketing whereas the independent local small business owners have known the car owners in their area personally, often for years or even decades.

Vianor operates between these two opposites where success and trust can be earned only by continuously sounding out the customer. 

Vianor was at a crossroads in the autumn of 2014: growing their market share would have required multiplying the marketing budget. Therefore, Vianor adopted the role of a contender, abandoned traditional media advertising and took the step from claims to action.


Vianor knows the customers inside out and can create added value for them – even when changing tyres. 

Current customers were selected as the core target group. Region-wise, we focused on the Gothenburg population, studied what makes the people tick, their hobbies and interests – and compared the findings and groups to Vianor’s customers. One finding stood out: the love of heavy metal music.


We searched out the heavy metal fans in the Vianor customer database and offered them an unforgettable tyre change experience with a personalized gig by the local heavy metal legend Hammerfall.

The tyre change appointments were made following the normal procedure, ensuring a jaw-dropping surprise for the Hammerfall fans.


Over 1.7 million viewers on Facebook and YouTube with 9,860 shares in social media. The earned media was worth 8.1 million euros.