Valio launched its first sweet dessert, Valio Eila® cream pudding, in autumn 2015. In general, Valio is not considered a manufacturer of delicious desserts, but a producer of healthy and nutritious milk products.


How can Valio’s audaciously delicious cream pudding stand out from the multitude of established sweet treats, chocolates, ice creams and so forth?


Sweet treats are marketed almost exclusively from the viewpoint of taste: by repeating that pattern a product can not differentiate from its competitors.


Instead of taste, we focused on a very simple and perhaps even uninteresting feature of the packaging: the product is meant to be tipped on a plate before eating. This feature inspired the catchy and absolutely untranslatable wordplay “Vallan kumouksellinen herkku”.

The campaign utilized the wordplay to the max. On TV we presented Iida’s story which is interrupted by turning the picture upside down. This premise was taken also to outdoor advertising and digital environments. So…what happened to Iida? Valio was bombarded with this question, so consumers were given the opportunity to continue her story. The best suggestion was read by actress Pihla Pohjolainen on a Facebook video.


The results were up to five times better than forecasted. Valio Eila® cream pudding was sold out in stores for weeks.