Valio is primarily known as a dairy company. On the fresh juice market, it has to compete with many big international companies well-known for their juices, such as Tropicana. As Valio’s fresh juices are produced more or less from the same fruits as the competitors’, the ingredients don’t offer a way to stand out. In Spring 2015 it was time for the Hedelmätarha juices to renew themselves. How to make a dairy company’s juices desirable?


The concept had to create a strong emotional connection to the brand and in a way impossible for the competitors to copy. We decided to focus on what makes the product truly unique. The Pitäjämäki juice factory really is close to us, unlike the manufacturing of the big international brands that are easily seen as faceless operators. Also, the Pitäjämäki juice factory has over 40 years of history of juice manufacturing, and long traditions always tell a story about know-how and quality. The factory is also quite small compared to the big manufacturers. Small is sympathetic and unique. The juice factory tells fair and square that the taste is born by the skilled hands of the Finnish professionals, although the ingredients are imported. These professionals made an appearance in the commercials as themselves. Instead of hyping the deliciousness and the ingredients, we focused on the story of the small, traditional and local factory. The story about the sympathetic juice factory defined everything from the package design to the TV and PR and all the way to the internal launch.

The simple but bold package differentiates Pitäjämäki juice factorys juices from its competitors. While the other packages rely on bright colours, Pitäjämäki stands out with their simple and modern design.