Most coffee is sold in Finland as a special offer at a discount. This makes it difficult to grow the value of quality and introduce new special coffees. At the same time, the rise of small roasteries and the entry of exotic Swedish coffees into the market has made competition harder than before.


How can we make Paulig Special Blend stand out from the competition without price reductions?


The uniqueness of Special Blend is based on its scarcity and rarity. This should also be visible in its design.


Packaging is a media just like any other – except that it’s free. We decided to make the packaging the main media for Special Blend.

We created the iconic Presidentti Special Blend packaging that stands out on the shelf, attracts quality-conscious trendsetters, and creates a meaning for the whole launch. The limited edition was launched on social media and TV, outdoors media and at cafés and events, such as the Helsinki Coffee Festival.


In just three months, Special Blend sales reached historical proportions – for full price. For a while, this one product sold more than half of the competitors’ all coffees combined.