Fazer Confectionery, Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate


Karl Fazer Milk chocolate, the most loved chocolate brand of the nation, wanted to renew its marketing concept. There was no need to build awareness, instead the aim was to strenghten consumers´ emotional connection with the brand.


Chocolate has always been a way of expressing emotions. Nowadays the moments when we truly connect and share a moment are more seldom than ever. With its new concept Karl Fazer Milk Chocolate wants to encourage and inspire people to share concrete small moments in life and express their feelings towards each other. This is what we also wanted to convey with the new brand film. 


The film is a short story of a love that lasts a lifetime – and beyond. It puts aside the images of a fairytale ad world and tells an emotional story with exceptional feeling of authenticity. The story embraces the vulnerability of life and the preciousness of each moment.


The emotional response of our audience has been overwhelming. Comments online and letters to Fazer tell about strong positive reactions and prove that this film has touched the often reserved Finns in a very special way.