Hartwall Jaffa has always wanted to make Finns happy, be it with its genuinely natural taste or with a sweetly singing choir of fruits – eagerly awaited to return to TV every Christmas by a multitude of fans. For over sixty years Jaffa has been a part of the Finnish culture. The success of the best-loved soft drink in Finland springs from the natural fruit juice used in the Original Jaffa, and from the annually launched new and exciting flavours.

Both the marketing and the product labels of Jaffa are iconic. They are inspired by the very first advertisements and labels created by Eric Bruun. This strong graphic legacy with the main objective to convey the freshness of fruit and the flavour of the variant is distinct and easy to recognize. Since 2012 the Jaffa family has included an animated fruit choir in television and social media. The fruit choir consists of animated fruit characters from the flavour palette of Jaffa spreading joy to the viewers in a typical Jaffa way.