In January 2016, Iittala wanted to increase their international recognition and found a perfect counterpart for their timeless design philosophy in Issey Miyake’s unique technical innovations, previously only found on catwalks. From this grew ”Iittala X Issey Miyake” – a one-of-a-kind collection combining Finnish and Japanese design by two giants of design from opposite corners of the world.


How to make the unique cooperation Project known with a limited media budget while strengthening Iittala’s position as an interesting premium design brand?


Hardcore credibility leads to mainstream desirability. Instead of advertising, we decided to focus on opinion leaders who would forward our message in a credible way in their own channels.


At their best, brands are a relevant part of popular culture. Among the topical global fashion trends, we recognized the trend of “balancing” as ownable to our line. We created the concept of #pauseforharmony, which crystallised the spirit of the collection and made the campaign message more personal. 

#pauseforharmony was more than a campaign promise, it became the mentality driving the actions and enabled the recipients to think about their own lives and wellbeing instead of just fleetingly admiring the beauty and functionality of the collection.

The concept resonated with the design opinion leaders and through them, #pauseforharmony spread around the world and increased awareness of Iittala as a credible design brand.