Proikkari, I got something to say.

My beloved Proikkari. I know I don’t say it enough, but I adore you.

All you do, say, and calculate make me love you even more. How you can stay so calm and sorted in this unorganized world that we call “creative work” is way beyond my understanding.

But that just is so… You. You comprehend things that I can’t even imagine. Like those budget-timeline excel sheets you just throw together. How is that even possible? Or how you keep all those strings in your head and keep them untangled. When you have a project board with strings neatly attached to all the right points, I’ve already knitted half a sock and had a cat-like war with those same strings. But you just make it work.

We really are like Romeo and Juliet; it’s us against the world!
Together with the rest of the team of course.
And the client.
And the production company.
But you know what I mean, you are always there for me. For us. We fight every fight together, not against each other. And then of course, we celebrate together.

You really are my rock. The vanilla ice cream to my apple pie. The korvapuusti to my three-hour strategy workshop. I don’t know what I would do without you. Well, probably just prioritize all the wrong projects (and definitely not fill in my Taimer-hours). But that’s the thing. Without you I would be nothing. Or then just way too much. But never the right amount.

I know I don’t say this nearly enough, but I’m so thankful for everything you do. It’s always going to be you and me baby, ‘til the end of time(r).

Love you, always,
Any Creative ever

Mya Rydman, Senior Creative

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