Valio Juice launch
Finnair/Finavia Match Made in HEL
Lapland – The North of Finland Talked about and awarded – Lapland 2012
Suvi Lähde to the New York Festivals jury News, 30.03.2015
Grand One 2015: Paulig is client of the year, SEK & GREY is agency of the year News, 27.03.2015
Paulig has the best launch of the year in AdProfit News, 25.03.2015
What will the new parliament think about your company? Communications, 25.03.2015
Marketing gets automated – long live content and dialogue Marketing, 24.03.2015
SEK & GREY a candidate for Agency of the Year in Grand One 2015 final , 13.03.2015
Tommi Pelkonen to be SEK & GREY’s Strategic Director News, 03.03.2015
One-third of final spots in AdProfit competition go to SEK´s clients News, 26.02.2015
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab The most sold-out launch of the year
Finnscope has already attracted more than 300,000 japanese News, 25.02.2015
9 spots for SEK´s clients in Best of Finnish Advertising and Design final News, 16.02.2015
Lapland – The North of Finland campaign to MTL Communications Awards final News, 10.02.2015
Microsoft Microsoft Social Heroes: online social presence and building content marketing
Suomen Apteekkariliitto APTEEKKI.FI – a new online service for healthcare and wellbeing
Jari Aalto-Setälä to become SEK & GREY’s Managing Director on 1 January 2015 News, 18.12.2014
Rajamäen Cooking in a secret kitchen in the heart of Helsinki
European Excellence AwardsBest campaignGasum Gasum campaign is the best in Europe 05.12.2014
Fazer Media launch of Fazer Alku porridge
Winning the digital prize – Presidentti 3D coffee box News, 10.12.2014
Finnair/Finavia Match made in HEL
Silver EffieMEK Silver Effie – MEK Finngenerator31.10.2014
Bronze EffieHartwall Pommac Rosé Bronze Effie – Hartwall Pommac Rosé31.10.2014
SEK Studio’s showreel 2/2014
ELO - Suomalaisen ruokakulttuurin edistämissäätiö Chef of the Year - 20 years of star power
Xbox One, welcome to Finland! Communication, 26.11.2014
Allianssi #HupparikansanPuolella
SEK is Finland’s leading package design expert Package design expert, 30.10.2014
In the Effie Finland final with six campaigns Effie, 09.10.2014
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab What if each of us could be a designer?
Gasum Did you know that a WC in Espoo is actually an energy plant?
SEK Studio’s Showreel 1/2014
Suomen Lähikauppa PINS arrives in Finland
Finnair SEK designed and produced a new site for Finnair Flight Academy
Hartwall The sweet time of summer and new Jaffa Pomelo
Berner XZ – 60 years of Finnish life
Valio Valio Aura – a passionate love story continues
More than 2 million people have found their Finnish names with the Finngenerator News, 14.05.2014
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab President gets its own YouTube program
Suomen Apteekkariliitto SEK designs Store of the Year 2014
Hartwall Pommac changes its colors
EurobestLaplicationLapin liitto Laplication application takes bronze in Eurobest09.12.2013
Gasum Fill up for the price of biogas, less than one euro a liter!
Hartwall Jaffa’s fruit choir makes sure it will be a colorful Christmas
Hartwall The well of wellbeing gets a new home
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab The President maker
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab President Special Blend 2013
MTL Communications AwardsMinistry of the Environment The Communi­cations Work of the Year 201307.11.2013
Hartwall Jaffa Super Marja woke up the old-time spirit of the SEK studio
Sari Siikasalmi to become Managing Director of SEK Public on 1 Oct 2013 News, 28.08.2013
MEK Cutting edge
European Design AwardsMobile categoryLapin liitto Laplication wins silver in European Design Awards 12.06.2013
TV commercialsHartwall Gold – Posters19.04.2013
Digital designLapin liitto Silver – Laplication19.04.2013
Integrated marketingHartwall Silver – Finns rediscover their taste for Jaffa 19.04.2013
Digital marketingMEK Silver – The exciting new VisitFinland site19.04.2013
Innovative mediaLapin liitto Silver – When the Nightless Night Hit the Streets of Amsterdam19.04.2013
Digital marketingLapin liitto Silver – When the Midnight Sun Goes from Local to Global19.04.2013
Lapland – The North of Finland Let the Laplication bring the Northern Lights to the palm of your hand
Hartwall Finns rediscover their taste for Jaffa
MEK Exciting new
Opel Adam makes everyone a DJ
Laplication application wins second FWA Mobile of the Day award News, 02.04.2013
Grand OneParas verkkomainosLapin liitto Northern Lights is the best online advertising22.03.2013
Grand OneParas mobiilikampanjaLapin liitto Laplication is the best mobile campaign of the year22.03.2013
Grand OneKunniamainintaMEK VisitFinland site is one of the best consumer service22.03.2013
Grand OneTuloksellisin kampanjaFinnair Finnair has the most effective online campaign22.03.2013
Grand OneParas designMEK VisitFinland´s online service has best design22.03.2013
AdProfitParas kampanjaOULULAINEN Oululainen wins the renewed AdProfit competition21.03.2013
Fazer Leipomot Oululainen rallies for domestic rye farming
SEK scored 10+ in Grand One News, 08.03.2013
VoittoJaffaHARTWALL Jaffa returns to the people´s taste and to the hearts of the Voitto jury.07.03.2013
Alko Oy Beef likes pink.
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab Brazil Linko livens things up, live and on line
Fazer Bakeries’ Oululainen and Finnair make it to the AdProfit final News, 27.02.2013
SEK clients have 11 on the short list in the Best of the Year competition News, 20.02.2013
Finnair chooses SEK as its partner for international growth NEWS, 13.02.2013
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab With passion and skill – Juhla Mokka
Do you want to take part in China’s growth? INTL MARKETS, 09.01.2013
Valio Valio Onni® packaging as everyday media
Hartwall Hartwall renews its digital channel
Taste PairsOy Gustav Paulig Ab A BRONZE EFFIE IN 2012 FOR PAULIG’S TASTE PAIRS 26.10.2012
The Laplication is FWA’s Mobile of the Day News, 22.10.2012
SSPNET Light for the people –
Euro Effie AwardsGrey EMEA Agency Network of the Year21.09.2012
Valio Classic cheeses tell the story of Finland’s cheese-making heritage
Iittala New package design takes the brand message worldwide
Alko Oy Thank you for not buying for minors
SSPNET New, uniform SSPNET
Aller Media Oy, Koti ja Keittiö There’s always room for something new
Metsä Group A new, uniform identity strengthens international competitiveness
Hartwall Hartwall Jaffa "Bottle boy"
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab Paulig Selected - taste design for international markets
Finnair Local Heroes, a success story in Germany
SEK becomes Opel’s strategic partner Clients, 03.02.2012
Finnair Finnair renews its identity
Iittala Dragonfly found its home in the internet
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab Paulig Cupsolo capsule coffee maker for home kitchens
Fonecta Oy How a small business owner can sponsor Formula 1
MEK Visit Finland - Bold travel marketing
Euro Shopper Renewal of packaging - Clear value for money
DNA The Virtanen Band
Microsoft Presence work became a topic in societal discussion
Finnair BBC Asia Business - the direct route to success
WSOYpro Oy Oppi&ilo WSOY - Combines learning with fun
Valio Valio Oltermanni®
Alko Oy In children’s company -program
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab Juhla Mokka - Masters of crafts
Hartwall Hartwall Jaffa "Snapper"
Nestlé Aino – A premium ice-cream success story
Orion Hands-on training
MTL Communications AwardsMeeting PlaceMicrosoft SEK Public awarded as business communicator of the year 03.11.2011
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab The dark new charmer – Presidentti Gold Label Black
Best in TownFonecta A double win for Fonecta in the Effies: silver and bronze 29.10.2011
Valio Valio Plus™
HSY Identity presents a responsible environmental company
Gasum Biogas for cleaner transportation
Local HeroesFinnair Finland’s first Euro Effie goes to Finnair14.10.2011
Which is better?Snellman Finnish record: Double victory for Snellman at AdProfit and Grand Effie08.10.2011
Respecta Oy A customer-focused brand extension
Alko Oy Alko service – also on Facebook
DNA DNA 10 years - Experience report and experience seminar
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab Barista magazine since 1991
Best seconds of the month"Pullopoika"Hartwall Hartwall Jaffa wins Best seconds of the month 20.09.2011
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab A modern and uncompromising coffee brand
Kosteus- ja hometalkoot Communication makes a difference
Alko Oy Renewal of corporate identity 2007
Providing influential services in Finland and abroad
Brand and marketing strategies
Internation­alization strategies
Digital marketing
Mobile marketing
Distribution channel marketing
Communi­cations and marketing PR
Customer Relationship Marketing and Customer Experience
Package design and production
Video production
Digital production
Print production
Management consulting
Personnel training